It’s Holiday Time! The Top 3 Most Important Tips to Protect Your Car from Burglary

It’s Holiday Time!  The Top 3 Most Important Tips to Protect Your Car from Burglary


Welcome to December, everyone!   Our family loves this time of year.  The sparkly lights, the glow of the fireplace, good cheer, matching pajamas.  (It’s something new we’re trying this year, so we’ll see if this becomes a new tradition. (or not 🙂

With the rise in the “hustle and bustle,” of holiday activities, it’s important to remember that car thieves and car burglars are looking for easy opportunities to steal your car or break into your car to steal your personal items.  Below are the top 3 most important safety tips for you to keep in mind when you’re out and about this season.

Also—remember car break-ins are typically crimes of opportunity— given the right opportunity, like a bag or purse left on a seat within plain sight, criminals will use the opportunity to break into your car.  Always, ALWAYS! Keep personal belongings out of plain sight.  My friend learned this the hard way when her car was broken into, in the late morning, when we were at our kids’ school and someone walking by broke her car window and grabbed a bag she’d left on the front seat—we were inside for less than an hour.

Follow these crucial tips below to keep the good cheer in your holidays this year.

  • ALWAYS LOCK YOUR CAR and make sure to look for a good comprehensive insurance plan to cover any break-ins that may occur.  I must admit I’ve not always been great about this, but it’s so easy and even more important!    This is the #1 deterrent for theft—of your vehicle or of your belongings.


  • Keep Things Hidden! I said this above, but it’s worth repeating.  Most thefts happen by someone walking by and seeing something in your car they want to take.  The only thing separating them from your things is an easily breakable pane of glass—move valuables out of sight, preferably before you leave your home.  If a thief sees you putting your laptop in the trunk of your car, you’ve now become a prime target as you walk away from your car.


  • Park in well light areas. According to, 80% of car break-ins happen at night and that figure peaks between the months of October and December.  Also worth noting, a crime report out of Houston found that two of the top three most broken-into locations for cars are in residential areas:  apartment parking lots and home driveways.  If parking in a garage isn’t possible, try to park in well-light, high-traffic areas.    This will help deter would-be burglars who would prefer to not be seen in darkness.


We hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season this year, and I hope these essential tips keep you (and your belongings!) safe to enjoy all the wonders and pleasures this time of year brings.

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